What We Do

The HeroPlex Foundation is a 501(c)3 that gets all of it’s funding through private and corporate donations to assist us in fulfilling our mission.

We design, engineer, install, and program, state-of-the-art multi-purpose media rooms and systems. Using clinical approaches to lighting, sight, sound, smell, touch, physical and mental health therapy. This technology will be deployed in multi-purpose spaces within the facility and used to assist the Military Hospital’s staff to leverage technology for the healing and entertainment of our Veterans at no cost to to the facility.

A place where heroes, their families, friends and support staff enjoy a cinematic experience that is special and personal all at the same time.  The PLEX also features mobile entertainment pods that bring the experience to a patient’s room fully equipped with big screen, incredible headphones and wireless content to produce the most personal listening/watching experience.

Enjoy a “movie” night, watch your favorite sport, participate in physical therapy, play video games, watch and listen to meditation multimedia content, schedule a family video conference, experience all this and more with the big screen with THX theater quality audio. The whole experience starts with an amazing custom design of the room complete with acoustic treatment, industry leading speakers, professional grade big screen, eye popping video, comfortable seating, cinematic lighting and more. All control from a handheld device. Each HEROPLEX in  addition to the multi-use media room has 3 parked mobile stations which allow private viewing and listening  and can be dispatched to patient’s room for more convenient use. These PlexPods give the most immobilized patient the benefit of the high quality experience.